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Title: Tangled
Author: Diane
Pairing: Danny/Lindsay
Prompt: Frantic
Rating: Adult Rated
Disclaimer: I don't own a thing!
Spoilers/Warnings: This is set sometime during mid-Season 6 so everything up to and including that. Story contains scenes and language of a sexual nature.
Summary: If anything, they both knew they were on borrowed time and that Lucy would be waking up any moment now and once the crying started, it would only get louder while she impatiently waited for one of her parents to come and get her.
Author's Notes: This has been written for the Porn Battle XIII Challenge.

They didn't have long.

If anything, they both knew they were on borrowed time and that Lucy would be waking up any moment now and once the crying started, it would only get louder while she impatiently waited for one of her parents to come and get her.

“Fuck... yeah,” Danny mumbled, his fingers tightly gripping his wife's hips as she frantically rode him. His eyes were fixed on her face, taking in the sight of her teeth biting into her bottom lip, which he knew was in an attempt to stifle her moans, as well as the rosy hue of her arousal tinting her face and neck. Letting his gaze drop further, he felt a surge of electricity run through him at how her plump breasts were bouncing with her exertions. He growled into the back of his throat when, on every upstroke, she suddenly began flexing her feminine muscles around the head of his cock. The delicious pressure was threatening to tip him over the edge and it only got stronger when, each time she sank down on him, she paused to circle her hips; first clockwise and then counter-clockwise.

“You okay?” Lindsay asked, laughing softly at the look of total concentration on Danny's face.

“Uh huh,” he somehow managed to reply since every ounce of his being was focusing on not coming before her. “Rub your clit,” he commanded. His eyes widened when she slipped her index and middle fingers into her mouth and sucked on them for a few seconds before sliding them down the front of her body until they arrived at the sensitive bundle of nerves.

Lindsay couldn't contain her moans this time and as she rubbed and pinched her clit, she squeezed her inner thighs into the outside of his own as she picked up the pace and began riding him even faster. “I'm so close, baby,” she told him; gasping loudly when he suddenly leaned forward and took one of her nipples into his mouth and grazed it with his teeth. “Oh God, yes... do that again!”

Danny complied with her request and repeated the action before switching to her other breast and taking as much of it into his mouth as he could; his tongue swirling over and around her diamond hard little nub.

Cupping the back of his head with her free hand, her fingers played with his hair while, at the same time, effectively keeping him in place and telling him without words that she didn't want him to stop what he was doing.

Soon, the stimulation she was receiving from his oral assault and his cock as well as from her own fingers was too much for her to handle and she suddenly exploded in a mind-melting orgasm. She didn't have a chance to come down from her high before she felt herself being flipped over so that she was now on the bottom and Danny was on top, pounding into her as he fought to achieve his own climax.

Knowing how much he loved it when she clenched and released her sheath around his thick, hard length, Lindsay did just that and it took just a few more strokes for him to spill himself deep inside of her; her name falling from his lips in a husky moan.

Her hands massaged all over his back as she savoured the feel of him pressing her down into the firm mattress and they lay there entwined for long minutes before he pushed himself up onto his forearms and looked down into her face.

“You okay?” he asked, echoing her earlier words to him.

“Mmm,” she replied, a look of total satisfaction gracing her features. “That was amazing.”

Danny nodded his agreement. “Yeah, I'll say.” Lowering his head, he nuzzled his lips against Lindsay's before slanting his mouth over hers and kissing her hard. He felt his cock begin to harden again when she began sucking on his tongue.


“I can't get enough of you,” she told him, her voice not much more than a whisper.

“Right back at ya.”

Their kiss this time was slow and leisurely; both of them taking their time to let their tongues thoroughly explore each other's mouths. His hips began a slow grind against hers but before they could really get started a cry rang out on the baby monitor which was situated on the nightstand on Danny's side of the bed.

He collapsed on top of her, biting back his groan of disappointment. “Your daughter has got to have the worst possible timing, babe,” he stated as he rolled over onto his back.

“My daughter, huh?” Lindsay quipped, swatting his chest as she quickly gathered herself and started to get up.

Leaning over, he smirked as he kissed her cheek. “You stay, I'll go see to her.”

“Thanks, honey.” Rubbing her hand down his strong bicep, she smiled. Before he exited the room, she called out to him. “Hey, Danny?”

“Yeah?” he answered, turning to look at her. He swallowed and licked his lips at the sight of her gorgeous, curvaceous form lying supine and gloriously naked against their tangled sheets.

“I'll show you just how grateful I am later.”



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