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Welcome to [community profile] prettylullabies_fic, the personal fanfiction community of [personal profile] prettylullabies.

The easiest way to navigate your way through my stories is via the Memories and Tags, and there's also a Fanfiction Masterlist to browse through.

Please do not take anything of mine and re-post it anywhere without permission and definitely do not claim it as your own work.

Just to be on the safe side and give fair warning, a large proportion of my fanfics are Adult Rated but these will be clearly marked so they can be easily avoided should smuttiness not be your thing.

These are the ratings which my fanfics follow:

C for CHILD – suitable for all ages (formerly G)

YT for YTEEN (ie. younger teens) – some content may not be suitable for children (formerly PG)

T for TEEN – suitable for teens and above (formerly PG-13)

M for MATURE – suitable for mature readers (formerly R)

A for ADULT – Adults Only (formerly NC-17)

Also, please note that all entries have had the comments feature disabled. This is due to the increasing amount of negative feedback/comments I've been receiving. I'm all for constructive criticism but, sadly, it appears some people use that term as an excuse to just personally insult and attack me.


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Welcome to [community profile] prettylullabies_fic, the personal fanfic community of [personal profile] prettylullabies.

Please feel free to subscribe to the community to keep up with updates.

Just a word of caution, a large majority of my fics are Adult Rated. These fics will be clearly marked though so it will be easy to avoid them if smut isn't your thing.

Please do not take any of my fanfics to host on your own fanfic websites/boards without asking permission first and do not claim any of my work as your own.

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